For Christmas Staff received a package from Omaha Steaks. Staff thought the best part of the package was the dry ice.

Jeff vs. dry ice

Jeff thought the dry ice was evil.

Jeff vs. dry ice


  1. Neil

    Was there any feedback on the dry ice from Norm, Rita, or Hazel?

    Staff Edit: Yes; all household felines agree that dry ice is evil.

  2. Patrick

    Methinks El Jefe has finally been confronted with something he cannot destroy with his shiny new chompers. Looks like the fur on his back is standing up, was he scared of it? Guess the fog effect would be freaky for a cat! Perhaps he’s waiting for you to cook up the steak :)

  3. Thomas

    It is evil. Don’t doubt Jeff

  4. Jane

    If Jeff has decided that the dry ice is evil.
    Then it is.

    Have a very Merry (and servile) Christmas Staff.
    and have a tyrannical Christmas Jeff and the rest of the furry ones.

    Jane xx

  5. Emily

    I guess it has to go on the list with the vacuum, bathwater, and the icy blast of air that comes from *no where* when you open the door in winter. Oh, and babies.

  6. Evil Cat

    Dry ice IS evil. Evil has spoken. Step away from the dry ice.

  7. E

    AHA! Jeff’s Kryptonite has been revealed! Expect to see mice and other woodland creatures carrying torches of the magical Dry Ice in the future. Nimh shall rise again! Hazzah!

    Merry Christmas Jeff, staff and fringe characters.

  8. Thomas

    Never lick dry ice.

  9. Patrick

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Reading about El Jefe & company’s adventures, Staff’s recording His Orangeness’ exploits, and visitor comments has been great this year since he semi-retired. Has he destroyed any ornaments yet?

  10. American Standard

    So how many of the steaks did Jeff allow you to keep?

    Staff edit: Jeff was not too interested, as the steaks were frozen solid.

  11. Micah

    Evil is as Evil does. Jeff and dry ice not a good mix; hard to sink either his claws or teeth into.

    The Omaha steaks, now…”red in tooth and claw”; hope Jeff, Rita and Norman got a taste-the only downside would be it’s not on the hoof.

    Happy New Year!!

  12. Estorbo

    Peecture ob steak, por fabor.



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