Staff’s computer is in the shop, so we will borrow some Interweb time to answer some mail.

Q: Since Jeff likes to hunt things, I was wondering if Staff had ever used a laser pointer with him. We (Max’s and Popo’ki’s personal staff) like to use one with them, and they chase it all over the house, up walls and under things. Or does Jeff’s hunting skills only get used with things with matter and mass? -Katie
A: Awhile back Staff did purchase a laser pointer toy. Jeff would chase it a bit, but he likes yarn/strings more. Rita, however, is a huge laser fan.

Q: How old is Jeff? -Norman (a person, not the cat)
A: Jeff’s previous staff (he fired them) thought he was around 9, which would make him around 10 now. That is what we put on his vet forms, since “age: the alpha and the omega” would just confuse the office personnel.


  1. Patrick

    Good to hear from Staff, had been awhile and we were hoping El Jefe & company were OK! Age obviously has no effect on His Majesty…do the vet personnel know of his widespread fame?

  2. cary

    Hypothetical question…if Jeff was to wake up tomorrow and weigh 130lbs which of the staff would he eat first and why.

  3. Deb

    Thank you for the update. I look forward to seeing the next entry in The Chronicles of El Jefe.

  4. Angela

    Maybe staff could do more Q & A and also get Jeff a twitters account. We can never get enough Jeff!

  5. Sarah

    Always love a little Q&A with Staff. More perhaps?

  6. Emily

    His Orangeness cannot be pleased with Staff’s inability to keep his computer, and link to his loyal subjects, running smoothly. I’m sure you will be punished.

  7. Evil Cat

    Evil’s staff keeps a backup computer for such emergencies.



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