So I enjoy rolling about in the grass on a sunny day. Who doesn’t?

Jeff rolls in grass

Then I can take a little bit of outside back in with me. As a bonus, I find this generates an amusing flurry of Staff activity.

Jeff rolls in grass

You should try it.

Jeff rolls in grass


  1. Matt

    Looks like Jeff has adapted and overcome the Staff computer issue by busting-out his own typing skills. Yay!

  2. Neil

    Do the other feline residents of Chez Jeff ever join him on outings? Does the dog?

  3. Emily

    Bravo Jeff! If Staff won’t entertain you, you’ll make them!

  4. Cal

    Look at those big beautiful eyes! What a ladies man…

  5. Evil Cat

    yay! Jeff’s back online and it’s the weekend! yay!

  6. Anonymous

    Hay Jeff whats up?

  7. Jane

    A splendid harvest Jeff!

    I do hope this “flurry of Staff activity” of which you speak is Staff dropping to their knees in glorious thanks for the grassy gifts you have brought them.

  8. Patrick

    El Jefe, I was hoping for “Mouse, Interrupted II” but perhaps you were feeling merciful during such a beautiful day. Kudos for the hay, though!



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