The dog’s bed, you say?


Jeff in a bed of debated ownership

I see no dog.

And as I am presently occupying this bed, I think it’s obvious that said bed is in fact mine.

Now that I think on this topic, I seem to recall that all beds are mine.


  1. The Island Cats

    Finders keepers….that’s our rule!

  2. Adam

    i don’ cee darg’s naim onnit!

  3. Jen

    Jeff, there is no end to your awesomeness. (your current staff seems pretty cool too)

  4. Jane

    I am astonished that Staff had the temerity to question who owns all the beds – Jeff, do not stand (or lie down) for this audacity.

    Staff, remember that all Jeff surveys belongs to Jeff, yes, that means you also.

  5. Matt

    I wonder if there is anyone selectively breeding domestic short hair cats to achieve the largest orange cat possible?

    If not, I think we need to start. Obviously, giant orange domestic cats larger than 50 lbs can get dangerous when it comes to things like tuna deployment and grilling steaks, but that is a risk I’m willing to take.

  6. Stephen

    To a cat, anything that can be slept in, or on, or under, is a bed. Any bed being slept in therefore belongs to the cat.

  7. Patrick

    All your bed are belong to Jeff?

  8. Koofray

    I want the biggest orange cat possible! Jeffs DNA is the key.



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