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Recently Jeff has been joining Staff during the morning bathroom ritual.

Jeff on the sink

He demands morning wake-up pets, head-butting all within his reach.

Jeff on the sink

Head-butts that are not promptly answered with petting are followed by a terse nip on the elbow.

Jeff on the sink

Bobcats typically get their way.

Jeff on the sink

Staff spent the weekend constructing some raised garden beds.

Jeff inspected regularly.

Jeff in raised garden bed

Jeff was especially interested in the holes dug to accommodate the posts of the bed frames. Though he watched Staff dig the holes, for some reason he is convinced that they are dens housing some hefty prey creatures.

Jeff in raised garden bed

He darts from hole to hole, batting paws around trying to locate the imaginary creatures.

Jeff in raised garden bed

Staff supposes the practice does not hurt.

» Rainy day   # 8

It rained all day Friday. Jeff wanted to go outside.

Jeff's rainy day

Sometimes there is no arguing with Jeff.

Jeff's rainy day

He paused at the point of egress, weighing the evidence in support of Staff’s previous statements that it was, in fact, raining.


We previously established that all beds are mine.

Jeff computes

Sometimes the computer makes a nice bed.

» Fry fry away   # 6

Staff recently tried the Angry Whopper from Burger King. As it turns out, Jeff very much enjoys french fries.

Jeff eats a fry

Another item on the list of foods that must be eaten standing up and/or hiding.


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