Staff recently tried the Angry Whopper from Burger King. As it turns out, Jeff very much enjoys french fries.

Jeff eats a fry

Another item on the list of foods that must be eaten standing up and/or hiding.


  1. Patrick

    El Jefe is amazing, I’ve never seen a cat with such culinary diversity…he likes salad as well, if I recall. LOL. He truly seems to be enjoying that fried confection 😀

  2. Adam


  3. Jane

    Jeff may not stop chomping once he reaches the end of the fry.
    A little blood from Staff will wash the fry down nicely.

  4. Emily

    How does he manage to look so utterly adorable and yet absolutely ferocious at the same time? Jeff is an original.

  5. Evil Cat

    there goes his cholesterol! just say no Jeff!

  6. Angela


    He DESERVES the Whopper, not a silly french fry!!! I have spoken…for MR. Jeff!



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