We previously established that all beds are mine.

Jeff computes

Sometimes the computer makes a nice bed.


  1. sam

    dis r not computer. dis r harble warmer

  2. Sarah

    When just used, it’s like a hot pad. Therefore, a perfect spot to nest.

  3. Emily

    Please notice the tiny yarn ball trap El Jefe has set to tempt hapless victims to his computer-based lair.

  4. Angela

    Maybe, he thinks, by sleeping on the computer he will get more picture and posts of himself.

  5. Patrick

    lol El Jefe seems to be attempting to control Staff’s online time usage, as in “You shall post more of ME now!” Or perhaps he’s trying to erase naughty kitty videos he recorded on the DVR :O

  6. Koofray

    Jeff is huge and orange so he can do what he wishes

    Staff comment: This comment is both precise and concise, and has potential to be a t-shirt tagline.

  7. Jeff

    This website is the best (so is whatjeffkilled.com). Anyways, there’s something about an orange cat that makes them so likable. I had two of them growing up and they lasted the test of time. Anyways, love the site and always look forward to new posts.



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