It rained all day Friday. Jeff wanted to go outside.

Jeff's rainy day

Sometimes there is no arguing with Jeff.

Jeff's rainy day

He paused at the point of egress, weighing the evidence in support of Staff’s previous statements that it was, in fact, raining.

Jeff's rainy day

Unconvinced, he continued onto the wet porch. He sat there for awhile, contemplative, periodically turning back to express his disappointment at Staff’s failure to make the rain stop.

Jeff's rainy day

Staff tried repeatedly to explain the universal uncontrollability of Earth’s weather. Jeff was unmoved.

Jeff's rainy day

Resigned, Jeff came back inside and sought a sympathetic ear. It is so hard to find good help these days.


  1. Evil Cat

    Staff never realizes that NOW means NOW, not ‘sometime today”.

  2. Kat

    I’m curious what Jeff’s thoughts are on snow…

  3. Frankie

    My Beloved Jeff ……..

    There are people (and cats) in hell that want ice water ….. sometimes, even the staff can’t stop the rain —— to sleep, per-chance to dream ………


  4. Emily

    The dog looks on edge, even in sleep. He must be used to acquiescing to Jeff’s spontaneous demands to remove himself from Jeff’s bed, Jeff’s blanket, or anywhere else inside or outside of the house that Jeff would like to currently occupy.

  5. Micah

    Rain, Rain go away-Jeff wants to go out and…stalk,pounce, disembowel… prey.

  6. Thomas

    I love all that green outside. I wish I lived there.

  7. Estorbo

    Tell me abou’ the Staff prarblem, man.

  8. alex

    jeff is teh ossim. good to see he gets along so well with the canine element.



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