Staff spent the weekend constructing some raised garden beds.

Jeff inspected regularly.

Jeff in raised garden bed

Jeff was especially interested in the holes dug to accommodate the posts of the bed frames. Though he watched Staff dig the holes, for some reason he is convinced that they are dens housing some hefty prey creatures.

Jeff in raised garden bed

He darts from hole to hole, batting paws around trying to locate the imaginary creatures.

Jeff in raised garden bed

Staff supposes the practice does not hurt.


  1. Adam

    i never knew jeff had a green claw.

  2. Koofray

    Staff should allow Jeff to “fertilize” the garden with his “organic” material.

  3. Evil Cat

    Evil yearns for spring and is envious of Jeff.

  4. Kevin

    Why esle would you dig a hole if not to catch some nefarious subterranian creature?

  5. Jane

    It is not the job of Staff to “suppose” anything concerning Jeff and his activities. It is the job of Staff to dig more and better holes so that Jeff may be excited and entertained.

  6. Micah

    Sharp mind, sharp claws-Jeff’s got ’em!

    I’m from MN-Green Giant is based here-with apologies-

    Out in the valley of the Jolly(?) orange giant cat…
    Lived a creature called the Little Green Sprout…

    not for long…


  7. Angela

    Plant Catnip!

  8. Frankie

    A KING sized litter box ……. for a King sized cat!!

  9. Emily

    Jeff was not chasing “imaginary creatures!” He was quite obviously showing Staff the many imperfections in the holes they labored over.



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