Recently Jeff has been joining Staff during the morning bathroom ritual.

Jeff on the sink

He demands morning wake-up pets, head-butting all within his reach.

Jeff on the sink

Head-butts that are not promptly answered with petting are followed by a terse nip on the elbow.

Jeff on the sink

Bobcats typically get their way.

Jeff on the sink


  1. Emily

    I just have to tell you – I love all of my cats (alive and resting peacefully) very much, but I didn’t realize I could feel so much affection for a blogging cat on the interwebs! Jeffy makes my heart melt!

    P.S. I’m glad Staff decided to paint the bathroom a color that compliments Jeff so well.

  2. Cal

    Hard to resist a face (or teeth) like that!

  3. Angela

    I am suprised that he does not DEMAND to drink from the sink, my bobcats do.

  4. Adam

    Ohhh precious Jeffy. The last picture is a new side of the giant orange cat.

  5. Sarah

    The wall color brings out his eyes. Is Jeff’s toothbrush in the holder with staff’s?

  6. Deb

    That cat rocks. What a great guy to have around!

  7. Anonymous

    but the powder room is full of running water! Evil despises water!

    brave Jeff!

  8. Evil O.

    Look at that face! Is that ever the expression of a cat that knows it’s the boss!

  9. sEa

    staff, jeff, and i all have same electric toothbrush… coincidence??? i think not…



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