As it warms up, on sunny days the lizards start emerging. They rustle through the landscaping, causing Jeff to stalk the sunny rocks where lizards like to sit.

Jeff in flowers

Recently Jeff caught a lizard, which escaped by trading its tail for its freedom. Staff predicts a steady increase in the number of tailless lizards.


  1. Charlie Hodge

    Skittering rock-dwellers beware! The Great Yellow Hunter awaits!

    It’s Junebugs here. They do provide good sport for Boris and Natasha.

  2. Adam

    meaty beaty big and POUNCY

  3. Frankie

    Question: So …. what do you call a lizard with no legs?

  4. Angela


    The answer Jeffie approved!

  5. Patrick

    El Jefe wins either way, even if the lizard escapes…the tail will keep wiggling around for a few minutes of entertainment! Until he eats it, anyway…

  6. Frankie


    My answer was …… “Nothing – they couldn’t come if you called them anyway.” But, I like your answer better!

    “Jeffie Approved”

  7. Diana

    A lizard with no legs is called ‘snack’!! Not to be confused with ‘snake’.

  8. jen

    Oh! That picture makes me want to scoop him up & snorgle him.

    No offense to el Jeffe but he doesn’t look scary at all in that shot– just adorable & cuddly.

  9. Micah

    El Jefe-YOU ROCK!! (pun intended). If you can’t decapitate…de-tailate…or is that tailgate??

    Welcome back, Sultan of Swat!

  10. Koofray

    Ooh Jeff might kill something for all the old school folks who used to enjoy seeing dead half eaten animals with bees and other insects on it and the contented look on Jeffs face after his feast,sometimes I miss what Jeff killed :(
    And the one when he stole that steak off the grill lol!



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