This is Jeff in his most favorite place in the yard: under the lavender shrub.

Jeff in his favorite place

For some time Staff did not understand why this place is so special. When the other cats started competing for a chance to possess it, an investigation was launched.

Jeff in his favorite place

As it turns out, there’s a nice patch of catnip randomly growing there.

Jeff in his favorite place

When Jeff is through rolling in it, he sleeps on it. This has generally resolved any competition issues.


  1. Matt

    I bet those nice warm rocks have something to do with it too 😉

  2. alex

    That first one, the sort of medium distance one with jeff sleeping? 090314-1.jpg? Sigh…that’s beautiful. Everything about it: the light, the growing things, the stone wall, knowing it’s his favorite spot, everything.

  3. Evil Cat

    Catnip growing randomly? I think not. Jeff is so magnificent that catnip grows spontaneously wherever he steps. True story.

  4. Frankie

    It’s cat heaven.

  5. Emily

    Seriously! A sunny spot, warm rocks, spontaneous catnip. There was divine intervention at work there. Probably due to Jeff’s many *offerings.* (Imaging what he’d be blessed with if he didn’t chomp down most of the critters first!)

  6. Deb

    I agree with alex. Really great picture. I wonder if the calming effects of the scent of lavender that we humans experience occurs in our feline friends as well. Thanks for this online cat chronicle!

  7. Anonymous

    i feel more relaxed just looking at those pics!!! le sigh.

  8. Koofray

    Aww Jeff your so cute,laid out chillin’ with your catnip stash.

  9. Patrick

    Terrific shots, well done, Staff! Wow does El Jefe look comfy…such a rough life for His Orangeness, huh?

  10. Estorbo

    Hermano – you mos’ hab leebed a goo’ libe to ged these rarcks an’ son an’ fresh drorgs…

  11. Adam

    Johnny Appleseed?


    Jeffy Catnipseed.



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