Jeff and the dog shared the couch blanket today.

Jeff and the dog share

Admittedly, the dog did most of the actual sharing.

Jeff and the dog share


  1. Matt

    I like how the dog is hanging off the edge. My giant orange cat was not so generous. He would lean against whomever was taking up any of his covers and use gravity to slowly (over the course of hours) pull the banket from them.

  2. Abby Normal & Stygia

    Wow, Jeff. It was really nice of you to share. Was it difficult to do?

    Abby & Stygia

  3. Adam

    smart darg…i can’t even imagine the number of BTUs that fat cat puts out. a furry space heater.

  4. Deb

    The look on Jeff’s face speaks volumes. If he could speak in human terms, I think he would be saying to the dog, “Is that all the farther you can move away from my space?”

  5. Angela

    Dear God Jeff…you are HANDSOME!!!!

  6. Koofray

    You can tell by the look on the dogs face that Jeff is the dominant beast .

  7. Kanashimi

    Yeah, the look on that poor dog’s face says it all!



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