Yesterday Jeff and Norman had some sort of disagreement.

Jeff's nose ouchie

By the time Staff arrived it was all over, but the evidence remained.

Jeff's nose ouchie

So far Jeff has shown no lingering ill will toward Norman. But if Norman suddenly disappears, Staff will have an idea why.


  1. Evil Cat

    They were probably discussing religion or politics. That usually ends in an ‘altercation’ these days.

  2. Emily

    Let’s be honest – as far as the other house animals are concerned, Jeff has probably had it coming for a long time now.

  3. E

    Norm is mad as hell and aint gonna take it anymore!

  4. jw

    what was the damage, if any, to norman?

    Staff: No physical damage was apparent. Because Norman spends 95% of his time hiding, psychological issues are nearly impossible to determine.

  5. Angela

    So Jeff you got beaten up by Normie, how embarrasing. I think Normie deserves a blog! What do the rest of you think?

  6. Patrick

    Wow, Normie got a claw in there somehow…dunno about him having a blog, though! Normie’s Closet Blog?

  7. Adam

    jeffy got OWNED. he will certainly take out his frustration on the wildlife outside…war crime caliber kills.

  8. Micah

    Maybe it was a Grasshopper moment, and Norman was trying to grab the kibble (or whatever) from Jeff’s paw BUT Jeff didn’t know Norman was playing for blood. Maybe Norman has some Oedipal issues.

    Then again, Jeff is very secure in himself. Perhaps he’ll just leave Norman wondering if, WHEN, the other paw will drop.

    Jeff seems unconcerned at present…still waters…

  9. Koofray

    Jeff will just wait until Norman goes to sleep under a pile of blankets to seek his revenge….shouldn’t be long now.

  10. Thomas

    Norman must be put to death.

    Staff: Thus far Jeff has not pressed charges. It is unlikely he will do so, as all parties involved seemingly forgot about the incident within 2 minutes.



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