The gophers have returned to the backyard. There seem to be more of their rotten little holes every day.

Jeff hunting gophers

Jeff roams the the yard, patrolling.

Jeff hunting gophers

Rita prefers to select a hole and stare down it. An unwavering stare. For hours.

Jeff hunting gophers

Jeff, however, will casually stroll near a hole – and then in a flash is swatting down the hole as far as he can reach. Staff assumes that eventually Jeff will pull out a very surprised gopher.

Jeff hunting gophers


  1. Diana

    Spring is here! Go, Jeff and Rita! Patrol the yard! Leave no gopher hole occupied!

  2. Neil

    Staff: Whose technique has proven more successful thus far?

  3. Patrick

    Those gophers have no idea what fury El Jefe will bring down, perhaps we’ll get to see Rita-inflicted carnage as well.

  4. Adam

    GET ‘EM JEFF! That’s YOUR yard.

  5. Koofray

    Time for a spinoff blog”What did Jeff and Rita kill?”

  6. Kat

    Jeff and Rita Pest Control: We “gopher” all your pests!

  7. eric

    “Freeze Gopher” – Jeff doing his best Bill Murray impersonation.

  8. Joie

    Norman must be the indoor sentry — in case those pesky gophers try to invade the home by burrowing through the closet floor.



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