At some point Norman tasted a shoelace, and he liked it. Since then no lace is safe.

Staff tried to lace up a pair of Doc Martens the other day and promptly snapped the chewed-through laces.

Norman and Jeff vs. boot laces

This conveniently creates a fresh supply of cat playthings.

Norman and Jeff vs. boot laces

Unsurprisingly, the shoelace activities attracted Jeff.

Norman and Jeff vs. boot laces

Staff wonders again whether conspiracy is afoot.

Norman and Jeff vs. boot laces


  1. Koofray

    Its definitely within Norms catly rights to create toys of his own liking whenever he wishes

  2. Matt

    Even I know that Norman is Jeff’s fall-guy. Who would ever suspect the Jovial Orange Cat?

    Jeff is looking a bit plump in that last picture, Perhaps he’s getting ready to split into two smaller orange cats?

  3. Jane

    Staff will learn that it is possible to walk (if comedically) in unlaced Docs. Staff will be grateful for the opportunity to entertain Jeff and Norman by staggering about and tripping over. Staff will be happy that no cat is deprived of laces.

  4. jw

    norman is out of hiding. are shoelaces the new prozac?

  5. Angela

    See, Normie is blog-worthy!

  6. Trevor

    beauty docs, mate



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