Staff awoke this morning to find Jeff snuggled under the covers in the dog’s bed.

Jeff under the covers

What better place for a bobcat on a chilly morning?

Jeff under the covers

According to Jeff, there is none.

Jeff under the covers


  1. Adam

    that last snap is zen-master jeff. he is the greatest.

    poor thing…still has that nose-scratch.

  2. Emily

    The dog has the patience of Gandhi. Or he’s previously been put in his place by His Orangeness.

  3. Evil Cat

    I’m surprised that he allowed the dog to stay.

  4. Koofray

    Hold your friends close,and your frenemies closer is Jeffs philosophy

  5. Frankie

    Hazel is a sweet-faced saint of a dog!

  6. Micah

    It is lovely to see Hazel and Jeff sharing and playing nice.

    I wonder if Congress could learn a thing or two….

  7. Jen

    El Jefe-

    How would you feel about a busman’s holiday in Seattle? There are some attack rats in our alley that are not scared of me or my broom.

    Somehow I think they would feel differently when faced with THE CLAWS OF DOOM.



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