Staff recently expended considerable time and effort to construct several raised garden beds. The beds were filled with 5 cubic yards of 70% compost vegetable mix, distributed one (backbreaking) wheelbarrow load at a time. This weekend plants raised from seed were set out and fertilized.

Jeff in the garden

Naturally, Jeff assumes we have built giant dirt thrones in his honor.

Jeff in the garden


  1. jen

    well, duh!

  2. Koofray

    he probly thinks you built him a giant catbox

  3. jw

    and he appreciates it, but that was yesterday. what have you done for him lately?

  4. Michelle

    staff should be pleased, if not honored, they have a “watch cat” to keep the rabbits and other vermin out of garden.

  5. Adam

    “your offering of a giant outdoor catbox pleases me.” – jeff

  6. Deb

    Garden patrol has arrived, and will allow no plant-consuming creatures to enter this area. Any attempts will meet with a speedy demise.
    Hoping your effort results in an abundant harvest, Staff!

  7. Susan

    King Jeff, you REIGN over your Humble Servants!

  8. Joie

    Who needs farming equipment when there’s Jeff? At the top is a set of choppers great for pruning, the front has two sets of claws for raking and the back has an automatic fertilizer dispenser. He’d be a magnificient farming machine if he were amenable to hard labor. But that’s probably Staff’s job.

  9. Estorbo

    Excellend, my frien’…where deed they plant the cadneep?

  10. Tim

    Behold, the Ziggurat of Jeff, God of Hunters

  11. Micah

    The sunwarmed dirt, critters to chase, catch and eat-what’s not to love about Spring?

  12. Jane

    Jeff must never be without a good earthy wallow.
    This is the law.

  13. Judie

    Jeff looks so content laying in that dirt. My cat loves a good dirt nap too. Good luck with your garden, I personally know just how much hard work moving 5 yards of dirt via wheelbarrow is!



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