Staff had a bit of leftover pizza for lunch.

Jeff steals pizza crust

As it turns out, Jeff is rather a fan of pizza crust.

Jeff steals pizza crust

Typically, the household dog would be the recipient of discarded pizza crust.

Jeff steals pizza crust

Not in this house.


  1. jw

    jeff says,”there ain’t no such thing as leftover pizza. only pizza that i haven’t gotten around to yet.”

  2. Koofray

    is there any food Jeff isnt a “fan” of ? he enjoy having a big feast on anything!

  3. Nutella

    El Jeffe is a fan of anything Italian! I’m sure he’d love a sausage ravioli or two also.

  4. Kanashimi

    The pics remind me of Jeff’s Good Old Days when we’d see him chowing down on something that might look like this pizza crust but was not …..

  5. Emily

    Next time, Jeff demands that Staff eat his leftovers, not the other way around.

  6. Adam

    Pizza in the morning
    Pizza in the evening
    Pizza at supper time

    When Jeffy’s in your kitchen
    You can just kiss your food goodbye

  7. Patrick

    @Kanashimi That’s what I thought as well! At first glance I figured he’d destroyed a gopher…but hey, pizza will suffice until then, El Jefe doesn’t seem to be too picky.

  8. EGN

    Is Staff feeding Jeff enough? He’s looking a bit thin in the face. Perhaps he’s just losing his winter fluff?



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