This afternoon Jeff caught the first gopher of spring.


  1. Adam

    Torn a new one…for sure. Yay Jeff.

  2. Andy

    Those of you with weak constitutions look away now.

    Gophers are horribly destructive creatures on farm and pasture land and deserve their fate at the hands of the Clawed One.

    Staff, I enjoyed this post and especially the picture of the claws in question.

    One does wonder at his hunting prowess despite being so, ummm, well-fed. Our barn cats won’t hunt anymore because they know kibbles are coming and don’t have to be caught. The Clawed One must do it merely for the atavistic thrill.

  3. Teri

    Jeff only took a few nibbles…the first spring gophers aren’t ripe yet.

  4. Koofray

    Jeff, this is what made you famous, keep on keepin’ on lol!
    Good to see you still got it in you . I thought becoming a “Giant orange cat” would slow you down, guess not. :)

  5. Evil Cat

    better the gophers of spring than the boys of summer.

  6. Jean

    Do I detect a hint of blood on the claw? Thank you Jeff for officially opening spring gopher season. Your gopher autopsy skills are incredible.

  7. Secret Admirer

    Way to go, Jeff! I’m so excited to see this grotesque display of your power and killer instinct.

    I hope you keep on killing, my man.

  8. Estorbo

    Hermano! Por fabor…sen’ leftobers to me neghds time, Ok? OK.

  9. jen

    OMG! Staff! Have you seen this?

    You should totally enter el Jefe’s pit of doom picture!!

  10. Koofray

    this is almost a month old now :( I needs moar Jeff!



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