The dog must take a pill each morning.

The dog

Due to its lack of native tastiness, the pill is presented to her wrapped in turkey lunch meat.

The pill in turkey

Jeff quickly caught on to this morning turkey-based ritual, and started getting in line as well.

Jeff demands turkey

Jeff has a deep appreciation for turkey.

Jeff receives turkey


  1. Adam

    Photo #4 = Fastest route to losing a finger

  2. Koofray

    Whoa look at Jeffs long teeth when hes standing like a human to accept turkey ! Its perfectly designed for getting to the spinal cord.

  3. Patrick

    Adam’s right, Staff took quite a risk, reminds me of that scene in “Jaws” when Chief Brody’s chucking chum overboard and the shark suddenly leaps up :)

  4. Karen

    Great photo #3. Cute!

  5. Thunder

    Jeff has quite an appetite. Perhaps too much of one. He might benefit from a reduced amount of food.

  6. Kanashimi

    Nom nom nom 4 fud!

  7. Estorbo

    Ebery darg should taghe a peell ebery morneen’…

  8. Carrie


  9. Jane

    I’m quite horrified at Thunder’s suggestion above ^

    I hope Jeff doesn’t read it.

  10. Lorie

    For years now we have used that same shaved turkey for giving pills to our dog. We call it “pill meat” and it is perfect for that application!

    I love El Jefe!

  11. Anonymous

    Thunder needs to be SENSITIVE!!!!!


  12. molly

    This is the most hysterical web site I have ever seen! Jeff absolutely slays me. I was a huge fan of ‘what Jeff killed’, but this is even better. thanks for being so entertaining!



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