Jeff did not eat his dinner last night and seemed to feel a bit under the weather. After he refused turkey lunch meat today, Staff took him to the vet.

Kind and skilled as the vet is, Jeff does not like him.

Jeff at the vet

Jeff had no fever and no obvious issues per the physical exam. Though the most likely cause is an infection of some kind, on the vet’s advice Jeff got x-rays and blood work.

Nothing out of order was visible in the x-rays, but they were quite interesting. The vet explained what was what: heart, liver, kidneys…. and in the horizontal view, “and that’s, well, fat.”

Jeff at the vet
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Jeff at the vet
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Jeff received some fluids to prevent dehydration and a dose of Pepcid to help his tummy. After returning from the ominous Back Room, Jeff was happy to return directly into the carrier in hopes that it would soon transport him back home.

Jeff at the vet

The blood work results will be ready tomorrow. In the meantime Jeff was assigned a shocking pink liquid antibiotic, which he did not enjoy, and a diet of baby food. Jeff took only a few licks of the chicken baby food; Staff cannot fault his lack of enthusiasm, as chicken baby food is quite unappetizing.

Jeff did seem to feel somewhat better this evening and is “resting comfortably.”


  1. thunder

    Well, it least it looks like nothing grave. Feel better, Jeff.

  2. Kat

    The vet should be more careful, calling Jeff fat! Clearly the doctor doesn’t know “giant cat muscle” when it’s right in front of him!

    Hang in there Jeff! You’ll be back on top and casting fear in the hearts of all that encounter you again soon!

  3. James

    Get well soon Jeff!

  4. Koofray

    Jeffs not fat hes fluffy! Glad to hear hes doing better.

  5. Angela

    Get well soon!!!

  6. Adam

    Feel better, Jefe…

  7. Evil Cat

    Jeff is big-boned, not fat! Get well soon, Giant Orange Cat!

  8. Rich

    Poor Jeff. Maybe a couple of feeder mice from the pet store will set things right.

  9. Anonymous

    Jefe — hope you are back in string stalking form in no time.

    Staff, when my cat was sick, he liked beef baby food…. if he still won’t eat the chicken, maybe he will like beef (probably best to check with the vet though in case he said chicken for a reason)

  10. Emily

    Get well soon, Jeff! Someone’s gotta keep the local rodent population down, and I can’t think of a more handsome man for the job. Must… eat…. soon!

  11. Jean

    Inside peek at the belly of the Beast! Glad to hear your feeling better. growl at the vet for me.

  12. Frankie

    It looks to me like Jeff would greatly benefit from a good poop.

  13. Estorbo

    Oh man. The onaatracteeb carryeen’ barx…the b.e.d. the bag room.

    I yam getteen’ cheells.

  14. Emily

    How great would it have been to see a tiny gopher skeleton inside of El Jefe?



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