This morning the vet reported that Jeff’s blood work came back normal. He advised to continue the oral antibiotic and baby food, and call him with a status update Friday.

Staff is greatly relieved that Jeff apparently has no growths, tumors, masses, metabolic disorders, blood chemistry irregularities, or other serious physical malady. However, the tests did not check for demon possession or curses, so we have not ruled out everything.

Jeff mustered a bit more gusto this morning and ate about two spoonfuls or turkey baby food. Delish.


  1. Phat Matt

    Get well, Jeff!

  2. East Coast Jake

    Feel better soon my friend!

  3. Abby Normal & Stygia

    We are so glad that Jeff is OK! Perhaps he has a hairball in the making? It makes ups pretty grumpy when we are forming them for release.

    Abby & Stygia

  4. me again!

    Does Jeff’s vet realize he is treating a celebrity? A cat legend even?

    Wondering if el Jefe hurt a tooth?

  5. Emily

    Hooray! Keep up your strength, Jeff!

  6. Gilbert, Fritz, Moody & Simon

    We’re all hoping you’re okay, Jeff. We don’t like the vet either. Purrs and hugs.

    Gilbert, Fritz, Moody & Simon
    Plainfield, Indiana

  7. Estorbo

    I hope you tore the bed’s arm arff, my frien’…

  8. Teresa Klein

    Have you had the vet check for a swallowed piece of string? It can cause the symptoms you describe … look in his poop and see if there’s string there. My kitty, Minx, had the same problem when she was a kitten and it was a harrowing couple of days but she finally pooped the string out.



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