Last night Jeff felt better enough to bat at the string for a bit, though halfheartedly.

Jeff on the mend

This morning he ate a robust amount of baby food for breakfast.

Jeff on the mend

Staff can tell Jeff isn’t feeling 100%, because Staff had bagels with cream cheese for breakfast consumed in Jeff’s immediate vicinity, and Staff actually got to eat most of it.


  1. Charlie Hodge

    Get well my orange friend! There are many gophers and rats waiting for you outside.

  2. Angela

    Most, but not all?

  3. Secret Admirer

    I hope you give that string the business soon, Jeff.

  4. Koofray

    Keep on keepin’ on Jeff!

  5. thunder

    Glad to see you’re recovering, Jeff. Get well soon and then celebrate with a gopher kill. >:)

  6. iamfelix

    Glad you’re on the mend, Jeff. I enjoy reading the tales of your exploits.

  7. Estorbo

    I recommen’ cheecken soupe, mi Jefe.



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