Jeff does not care about fires

Jeff, there is another brush fire in our hills.



Jeff does not care about fires

There are airplanes and helicopters zooming over the house.



Jeff does not care about fires

Never mind, it’s out.


  1. Jeff (NOT the cat)

    Jeff doesn’t wake for anything that can’t hurt him; Jeff is an element in his own right!

  2. Secret Admirer

    You mustn’t disturb his precious beauty sleep.

  3. Angela

    Maybe he is still ailing?

  4. thunder

    Jeff’s nap must not be disturbed.

  5. Evil Cat

    Jeff will let you know if there’s cause for alarm.

  6. Emily

    The flames pale in comparison to Jeff’s brilliant orange hue. Even half-asleep, he is a force of nature.

  7. fajita


  8. Frankie

    Z zzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  9. Jane

    In our house, this feline expression in the face of environmental emergency is known as “spark out, engine stopped”

  10. Emily

    LOL at Evil Cat! So true! Emergencies are:

    1) empty food bowls
    2) closed doors in the event that El Jefe wishes to go outside
    3) gopher extinction (although he works diligently towards that)



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