Jeff finally returned to the dry food bowl this morning. Staff is greatly relieved, as Staff had begun to fear Jeff was becoming addicted to baby food.

Staff described this to the vet, who said Jeff must finish the hated pink antibiotic, but is surely better.

Additionally, today Jeff meowed incessantly to go outside and swiped a paw at Staff’s dinner – so, he’s pretty much back to normal.


  1. Cal

    Whew…glad Jeff is feeling better and doesn’t have to be on ridiculously expensive cat food for the rest of his life (unlike my cat…so high maintenance.)

  2. Angela

    My prayers have been answered!!!

  3. Anonymous

    The Animal is back. This is great. What a good giant orange cat he is.

  4. me again!

    Phew! so happy El Jefe is okay.

  5. Finlay

    Glad to hear this!

  6. Emily

    Aww, that just makes my day! All hail the giant orange king!

  7. Matt

    Full of win. Hopefully old Jeffenstein has many more summers left in him. Then, when the eventual day comes, and you start releasing the first Jeff clone from suspended animation, you’ll know he lived life to it’s fullest.

    All kidding aside, can anybody imagine a dozen Jeff clones?!?! That would be so *COOL*!

  8. Abby & Stygia

    Party time! Excellent!

  9. Koofray

    He needs some catnip to help achieve a full emotional recovery imo.

  10. fuzzyguy

    I had to give my orange cat the dreaded pink antibiotic. He hated it. The only way I got him to take it was to mix it with melted Bryers ice cream.

  11. Frankie


  12. Don Estorbo

    Ber’ good.

    Dry food ees the besd, Hombre.

  13. Patrick

    El Jefe! Now that you are better, it’s time to shred some gophers old-school style. Dry food’s great, but nothing beats fresh entrails, eh?

  14. Jane

    Jeff forgive me, I had no idea you had been poorly. I am most relieved to know that your innards and blood tests show nothing untoward and that you are returning to full, unabaited Jeffness.

    Stay well big fella x

  15. Emily

    He likely healed Himself after satisfying Himself that Staff is appropriately devoted to his needs, wants, and demands. Think about it, x-ray, blood test, and other medical exams all checked out just fine. Cats aren’t dumb, that’s all I’m saying. :) So happy Jeff is back to normal!



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