The summer roast is upon us. The heat limits kitty outdoor time to the morning and evening.

Jeff's morning outside

This morning Jeff lounged in the shade.

Jeff's morning outside

Even when relaxing, El Jefe is always watching.

Jeff's morning outside

The doom can erupt at any moment.

Jeff's morning outside


  1. thunder

    Hopefully his watchfulness is rewarded by the appearance of a gopher, followed shortly by said gopher’s appearance on the other blog in a mangled state.

  2. Frankie

    Stellar stealth!

  3. Koofray

    I felt the hot breath of the jaws of death !

  4. Adam

    Picture 4:


  5. jw

    jeff, the yawn of death.

  6. Emily

    I’m always slightly shocked when I see Jeff in proportion to common objects such as trees and houses on the landscape. He’s enormous!

  7. Finlay

    Jeff is the coolest cat, ever.



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