The first ear of corn is nearly ready to be picked. Jeff seems to know this somehow, and guards it.

Jeff guarding corn

Pity any corn thieves that might show up.

Jeff guarding corn


  1. Angela

    Pity any rodent, fool or not, that shows up!

    P.S. I am so glad you are healthy.

  2. Emily

    Wth a “scarecrow” like that, Staff should be growing prize vegetables and entering them in county fair competitions! I’d like to see a giant, orange pumpkin to go with your giant, orange cat!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi there – my giant orange friend. Yes, I pity the fool who comes to steal the corn. I pray for a new entry on whatjeffkilled soon.

  4. Patrick

    No gopher would dare invade El Jefe’s kingdom while he’s outside on alert!

  5. Micah

    You go, Jeff! It’s so nice to see him out in the fields, hale and hearty again.

  6. Koofray

    He wants to reap what he fertilizes 😉

  7. Adam

    Jeffy cracked cooorn…and I don’t caaare…



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