Staff had corn on the cob for dinner.

Unexpectedly, Jeff was extremely interested in the corn.

Jeff gnaws corn

Jeff swatted, poked, and batted until he was granted access to a corncob. He then tried to fit the whole thing in his mouth, nearly succeeding.

Jeff gnaws corn

Staff cut off some kernels for him, all of which Jeff ate readily.

Jeff gnaws corn

Staff now realizes that Jeff had been guarding the garden corn for purely selfish reasons.


  1. 'Kaika

    Hello, Jeff! You look very blissed out eating that corn. Is that butter I see on your nose? One of those-who-came-before me was a corn eater, too. Me, not so much.

  2. Patrick

    El Jefe’s tastes seem to know no bounds, doesn’t he like salad as well? Well at least he has a balanced diet!

    Obligatory video of another cat going all NOM NOM on corn:

  3. Micah

    It’s always all about Jeff. Even the corn is about Jeff. I bet he made short work of the de-cobbed corn. He could bat the cob around for later.

  4. Emily

    These photos truly capture Jeff’s retirement – he’s not ready to give up his skillful devouring, but he’ll try it out on some of the “comforts” of indoor living. Love it.

  5. Koofray

    OMG Jeffs gone vegan?!?

  6. Evil Cat

    Has Jeff gone vegetarian? Kill something quick, Jeff!

  7. Thunder

    Jeff’s not a vegan, he just has varied tastes.

  8. jenn

    Jeff, what a delectable discovery. I believe you might be interested in these photos of your corn-comrade devouring corn husks:

  9. Lisa

    I always thought it was weird that cats craved corn,
    but my vet told me that a lot of brands of dry cat
    food are mostly cornmeal. So go figure! Jeff really
    seems to be enjoying that Yellow Sweet Stuff. :-)

  10. Jeff (Wishes he was the cat)

    Remember to floss!

  11. Emily

    LOL, Jeff is what I call a “nom-nivore.”

  12. dillweed

    Jeff is my favorite cat of all time…indeed.

  13. Don Estorbo

    Hermano, you shoul’ try eed weeth sorm chile an’ whide cheese!

  14. carlos

    the kitten of the corn…

  15. Judie

    I’m definitely going to let my cats try corn on the cob. That pic of Jeff with the cob almost all stuffed in his mouth gave me a good chuckle :)So wierd what they’ll be interested in, two of my cats LOVE cantaloupe and honeydew.



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