The warm weather seems to make all cats (and bobcats) shed mercilessly.

Jeff gets furminated

Staff furminates and furminates, but the fur just keeps coming off.

Jeff gets furminated

Staff likes to think furminating makes Jeff even more handsome, but really, we all know that is impossible.

Jeff gets furminated


  1. Melanie

    It is hard to improve on perfection, however noble the intent.

  2. Stephen

    He is exquisite. I hope the hot weather and shedding doesn’t make him sick. My cat, who lives in a colder climate but is fluffier, shed wildly during a brief heatwave earlier in the summer, and threw up a hairball nearly every day.

  3. Micah

    Molly, Sabra and I have become BIG fans of the FURminator. Nothing gets the job done (and the undercoat GONE) like this little item. Definitely worth it-and I never would have thought to purchase this for my little Darlings if Jeff had not endorsed it.

    He deserves a raise!! Or maybe a mouse…or vole…or gopher…….

  4. Emily

    If you keep on furminating, you’ll have enough hair to build a second entity known as Jeff the Giant Orange Hairball. : )

  5. Evil Cat

    We love our Furminator! Thanks for recommending it, Jeff!

  6. Patrick

    Another vote for the Furminator, it really works as advertised and my feline owners love it…El Jefe can model the results like nobody else can, naturally.

  7. Angela

    Hate to tell you this Jeff….but 4 out of my 5 Bobcats HATE the Furminator, to the point they become evil when ever the see it.

  8. Estorbo

    Hey, Chief, you loogh gread. I use the Blue Zoom myselb…

  9. Koofray

    A furmination a day keeps the malt flavored hairball remedy at bay

  10. Carrie

    Jeff really is quite photogenic. Some are and some…not so much!

  11. molly

    He is quite possibly, the handsomest guy ever!



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