Rita loves to go in the towel closet in the bathroom.

Rita in the linens

She demands the door be opened at least once daily. Then she sits contentedly atop the towels with no small amount of smugness.

But then one day, Staff found this:

Jeff in the linens

That isn’t Rita.

Jeff in the linens

That isn’t Rita at all.

Jeff in the linens


  1. fajita

    jeef, please marry me

  2. Frankie

    OMG!! Jeff ate Rita!!!!!!

  3. Thunder

    I love Jeff’s rather lordly look in the third photo, surveying his staff from above.

  4. Don Estorbo

    Yo quiero Rita!

  5. Koofray

    Rita went on the steroids!

  6. susan

    Wait, I’m lost! Who is Rita? Clearly not as impt. as El Jeffe, yet another member of his court, but sort of cute in a blank looking way. When was she acquired?

  7. Stilton

    Did Rita sit on a carrot? Judging by the 1st pic…..

  8. Cal

    Careful…my cat loves towel sitting, too, but she accidentally got locked in the linen closet one day for 8 hours. At least she blamed the door and not me…

  9. Patrick

    It looks like the towels collapsed under the heft of El Jefe! That’s a great hiding spot.

  10. Emily

    Note how tidy the towels under Rita look. It appears a tussle over this coveted spot may have occurred. Jeff would be a formidable opponent even for the clever Rita already holding the high ground!

    His Orangeness looks so very satisfied with himself! What a handsome bobcat! I’d feel bad for Rita except she seems better suited than Jeffy is for the furniture made for cats.

  11. Lisa

    Who’s the LadyFriend? :-)

  12. Stephen

    I’m sure I’m biased, but I just think Jeff is SO much more beautiful than Rita 😉

  13. Emily

    It’s good to see Rita again on this blog! What could be rarer or more precious than an orange girl?

    P.S. Always make sure you tip your bathroom attendant on the way out the door! : )

  14. Jane

    The closet is the natural habitat of the orange cat. Rita and Jeff know this.

    Jeff are you sitting on top of Rita?

  15. eric

    Hey, you have more than one cabinet there. Stock the one above, or below, with more towels and you can have orange cats in both.

  16. jen

    Hope you all are doing okay— those fires are scary!

  17. D

    i gotta say, rita is one pleasantly masculine female cat. she’s got that big frame and those nice tomcat cheeks. i dare say she is more handsome than my orange boy.



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