You might have heard tell of some fire issues in Jeff’s neighborhood.

Fire in Jeff's domain

The Station Fire is causing a good deal of havoc in our area. We are not directly affected by the fire activity at this time, other than breathing lots of smoke.

Due to heat and smoke, Staff has been forced to deny the cats outside time. Allowed out briefly this morning, Jeff meowed unhappily at the smoke and then came inside.

Jeff’s neighborhood (circled in black) lies just outside the firefighters’ goal containment border (blue line).

Fire map

The LA Times has been regularly updating this map of the fire area – above is a snapshot, click here to see the latest, interactive version.

So far Jeff is unimpressed.

Jeff under the bed


  1. Neil

    Does Jeff possess fireproof-ness in addition to his other admirable qualities?

  2. Evil Cat

    We were just reading in the news about your fire problems, and were wondering how you were faring. Stay safe and try not to inhale!

  3. Finlay

    Stay safe, you guys!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Be careful….give us (Jeff’s groupies) to much info we might find and keep him!!!

  5. Thunder

    I echo Finlay’s sentiment. Stay safe.

  6. Emily

    Stay safe, Staff! And keep Jeff & the Gang out of trouble! We’ll be thinking of you in Pennsylvania. Perhaps Jeff would enjoy being a foreign exchange cat for awhile and tasting some of our local fare? We have more chipmunks and rabbits than gophers here!

  7. Don Estorbo

    FIRE FIRE FIRE 911 LEAB The Area!!!!! Ebacuade! ALARM ALARM!

    Staff comment: It’s only peppers.

  8. Jane

    Jeff and Rita are the colour of flame. If they were both leaping about in a frenzy at the same time, say in the sitting room, it would make Staff think a fire had broken out in their home.

    Stay safe please all of you. Jeff and Rita, stay still please. Staff must not be overstimulated.


  9. Patrick

    We’ve got fires going on here in Arizona as well. Good times. Stay safe, El Jefe & Staff! Buttercup & Weezy are thinking of you!

  10. Angela

    I see the fire is spreading!!! Update please…is Jeff, Rita, Normie, Hazel and Staff still safe???

  11. Don Estorbo

    No, thees time no pepphairs Jeffe, Leab! Go! Taghe the darg!


    I loogh ad your map, I worree! Flee!



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