The Dog has been a bit picky with her food lately, so Staff picked up a few random cans at the pet store in hopes of enticing her.

Jeff loves dog food

Experimental Dog Food #1, “100% Duck”, was a hit with The Dog.

Jeff loves dog food

It was also a hit with Jeff, who sniffed through the kitchen like a bloodhound until he located the empty 100% Duck can in the recycle bin.

Jeff loves dog food

The 100% Duck can was pushed about the kitchen as Jeff extracted all remaining bits.

Video: Jeff vs. 100% Duck

Jeff loves dog food

Staff looks forward to Experimental Dog Food #2, “100% Rabbit”.


  1. Stilton

    What, no Hoisin sauce? Jeff should be outraged!

  2. Kanashimi

    Jeff, be careful licking out of the can … edges can be sharp.

  3. Angela

    So…..Hazel gets premium dog food and JEFF got baby food. Question, Staff …. thought you are there to serve JEFF? Hazel is special, however you serve JEFF!!!! He needs his own cans of dog food.

    Angela A.K.A. Jeff’s advocate

  4. Thunder

    Check out the video for a cameo by Norman. And it is true that cats like duck meat. My mother’s cats always clear out their dishes when given duck meat or duck cat food. And as for the rabbit, Jeff can be expected to lend an experienced palette to its tasting. He has dined on rabbit more than once, after all.

  5. Patrick

    El Jefe obviously cannot be bothered while enjoying some premium duck, wondering if Normie displayed any interest? He just seemed to wander on through to see what was going on, although he probably knows better than to interfere with Jeff’s eating!

  6. Adam


  7. Emily

    Staff’s pet food bill just went up at least 30%. Jeff DEMANDS more experimental dog food!

  8. Koofray

    mmmm… 100% Duck sounds good

  9. Psychlone

    Why is there French on the can? You live in California, not Canada!



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