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» 100% Buffalo   # 10

Jeff displayed shocking disinterest in Experimental Dog Food #2, “100% Rabbit.” He barely glanced at it. Apparently Jeff enjoys only the freshest rabbit. The Dog found it acceptable, but nothing too special.

Experimental Dog Food #3 “100% Buffalo,” however, was well received.

100% Buffalo dog food

Upon opening of the can Jeff’s curiosity was piqued.

100% Buffalo dog food

He licked the can thoroughly including pushing it about the kitchen.

100% Buffalo dog food

The offering of buffalo pleases El Jefe, but remains second place to 100% Duck.

Jeff’s collar had become rather worn.

Jeff's old collar

Staff procured a replacement collar made of purple silk, quite suitable for a noble bobcat.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff is more than masculine enough to pull off the heart-shaped buckle.

Jeff's new collar

Staff assumes the manufacturer will be in touch regarding a spokesmodel engagement.


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