Jeff’s collar had become rather worn.

Jeff's old collar

Staff procured a replacement collar made of purple silk, quite suitable for a noble bobcat.

Jeff's new collar

Jeff is more than masculine enough to pull off the heart-shaped buckle.

Jeff's new collar

Staff assumes the manufacturer will be in touch regarding a spokesmodel engagement.


  1. Jeff (Wishes he was the cat)

    Prince pulled off purple and hearts all the time…Jeff is in fine company indeed!

  2. Denmes

    Is it not too tight?

  3. jw

    perhaps jeff should put the old one on ebay

  4. Patrick

    Royal purple for His Royal Orangeness. El Jefe looks in fine form as always!

  5. Emily

    I second the notion of putting the old one on eBay. Jeff is, after all, a major celebrity in the blogosphere.

  6. Emily

    P.S. How long did Jeff have his old blue collar? I’m curious to know how long it takes to wear out because my new cat (an orange girl like Rita!) has the same model, but in pale green. We bought it from Petco last month.

    Staff reply: The first collar lasted about 2 years. It got quite ratty due to Jeff scratching it with his talons of doom. Staff selected the new collar due to its tighter weave in hopes it will last longer.

    P.P.S. Coincidentally, we also have the same navy blue I.D. tag that Jeff wears. We bought it from the pet tag vending machine at Petco.

  7. Evil Cat

    that is one classy collar! where did you get it? I must have one immediately! but perhaps in a more feminine color.

    Staff reply: Purchased at local pet store. Here is a link to the manufacturer site.

  8. Karen

    Great post. Lovely collar. And yes, the dude can carry off the color and heart-shaped clasp.

  9. Other Emily

    This Emily must know how Staff gets Jeff and Co. to tolerate wearing collars for such long periods of time. Sidney and Geno have collars similar to El Jefe’s old model, but have outsmarted the “safety buckle” after just a few hours of wear every time they have them on. Perhaps they lack Sir Jeff’s refined ways. Jeff fully realizes how regal that collar makes him look!

    Any update on a sponsorship deal? I was sure you would have heard something by now!

  10. Micah

    Yes, he looks fabulous, as always. I’m wearing purple and tawny orange today in homage. El Jefe, you rock!

    Staff, you’re pretty good, too. Glad you are all safe from the slings and arrows of outrageous flames.

  11. Frankie

    Despite having “no change in his change-purse” Jeff is the epitome of masculinity. He makes a heart-shaped clasp macho by definition. Chuck Norris has nothing on Jeff.

  12. Stilton, UK

    The third picture……Jeff has one whopping huge head.

  13. Angela

    Is It Jeff Approved?

  14. Koofray

    Ye Jeff deserves silk. It doesnt seem to interfere with his mane either,which is always a plus :)



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