Jeff displayed shocking disinterest in Experimental Dog Food #2, “100% Rabbit.” He barely glanced at it. Apparently Jeff enjoys only the freshest rabbit. The Dog found it acceptable, but nothing too special.

Experimental Dog Food #3 “100% Buffalo,” however, was well received.

100% Buffalo dog food

Upon opening of the can Jeff’s curiosity was piqued.

100% Buffalo dog food

He licked the can thoroughly including pushing it about the kitchen.

100% Buffalo dog food

The offering of buffalo pleases El Jefe, but remains second place to 100% Duck.


  1. jw

    perhaps Le Grand Orange is not interested in the rabbit as he has extensive experience with the fresh killed variety. duck and buffalo, not so much.

  2. mike p

    Something tells me Jefe has downed a duck or two in his day.

  3. Evil Cat

    why do I want to hum “Home on the Range” now?

  4. Frankie

    Num, Num!

  5. Emily

    Does Jeff’s collar say “reward” on it? Smart move if it does – monetary gain is probably the only thing that would entice a person to get close enough to an enormous bobcat to return him if found!

  6. Emily (the other one)

    Jeff is impressed at how Staff managed to kill a buffalo and get it into a can.

    Emily– the other one, not to be confused with the Emily who apparently has been frequenting this site a lot longer than I have : )

  7. Stilton

    Who stole Jeff’s eyes in picture 3?

  8. Neil

    Next: 100% Ringtail Lemur?

  9. Patrick

    El Jefe does seem most pleased with canned buffalo, we all know he’d bring one down himself for fresh meat if given the chance. Wonder if he’d like goose?

  10. Koofray

    Jeff prefers meat he hasn’t killed.



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