It was recently discovered that Jeff is a serious fan of french fries from Carl’s Jr.

Staff has learned it is best to remove oneself from the space between Jeff and his fry. This allows Jeff to select the desired fry from the box and drag it to the floor for consumption.

This post serves as notice that Carl’s Jr. french fries are Jeff Approved.


  1. Koofray

    ahh so french fries is how Jeff got the “giant” tag :)

  2. Evil Cat

    but has Jeff tried the fish tacos from Wahoo’s? that’s my favorite!

  3. Nutella

    If there aren’t any pics then it didn’t happen!! Jeff never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Adam


  5. Beth - PR for Carl's Jr.

    So glad Jeff approves of our fries! Please email me Jeff’s address so we can mail a couple coupons for free Carl’s Jr. fries.

  6. Patrick

    El Jefe might also be a fan of In & Out Burger. Perhaps a Double-Double for His Orangeness?

  7. Emily

    It’s so great to see Carl’s Jr. recognizing the significance of a Jeff-seal-of-approval!

  8. Emily (the other one)

    El Jefe would make a handsome spokesmodel for Carl’s.

  9. Emmitt

    Did Jeff eat the camera?

  10. Neil

    The photos are not displaying…

  11. Jadetaia

    I agree with Nutella above — I don’t believe without pics :)



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