Staff has finally set Jeff up on Facebook. You may now friend him to your heart’s content.

Jeff’s Facebook


  1. Patrick

    Awesome!! El Jefe’s fame will be spread forth exponentially!

  2. Koofray

    Ooh Jeffs ’bout to get more popular! I;m gonna tell my aunt with 7 cats to friend him

  3. michelle

    Shame on staff for taking this long for all facebook users to know the great wonders of Jeff.

  4. Carol

    I’ve been stalking Jeff for years. Now I can friend him. Hooray!

  5. eclectic infidel

    Howdy. I just learned about Jeff’s old site by a fellow poster on Little Green Footballs. Now I’m here. I’m a devoted cat person and have 2 wonderful cats in my life. This is very cool. Is Jeff on Catster?



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