When Staff previously documented Jeff’s affection for Carl’s Jr. french fries, they nicely offered some coupons. Then Jeff got some mail.

Jeff vs. french fries

Jeff vs. french fries

Staff immediately proceeded to the local Carl’s Jr. to procure Jeff’s fries.

Jeff vs. french fries

The offering was made.

Jeff vs. french fries

Jeff enjoyed some bites.

Jeff vs. french fries

Jeff vs. french fries

He even shared.


  1. Evil Cat

    Perhaps Jeff has a future as a corporate spokescat?

  2. E

    I’m glad I discovered Jeff before he became a corporate shill. (joke) Yay, please more Rita!

  3. Emily (the other one)

    As staff might say, “Sharing is caring.”

    It’s always good to see Rita, that flame-haired beauty!

  4. Jeff (Wishes he was the cat)

    So THAT’s what Jeff and Rita’s date night might look like 😀

  5. Patrick

    That is AWESOME. I must say, I will be heading to Carl’s Jr. to sample some of their fries again, it’s been awhile…they were totally cool to do that! El Jefe was kind to share with Rita, too.

  6. Thunder

    Good to know that Jedd knows good fries when he tastes them. On a photographic note, though, it looked like Jeff kind of got over-exposed by the flash. Still good photos though. Thanks for the great site.

  7. Jadetaia

    Love the fourth picture. Jeff is such a beautiful, noble cat. (although that all seems kind of redundant, doesn’t it?) He has good taste …

  8. Koofray

    Giant Orange cats selling French Fries would be cool !

  9. Estorboloco

    El Jefe

    You can feex me orp weeth someworn who sells cheese? Por fabor…

  10. Emily

    Jeff has such refinded tastes! 100% Duck, gophers, Carl’s Jr. Fries – I wish I ate so well!



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