Happy Thanksgiving.

Jeff vs. pie

Hand over the pie.

Jeff vs. pie


  1. Frankie

    num num!!

  2. micah

    Happy Thanksgiving to the entire extended family under Jeff’s roof. These wishes come from Micah, Sabra and Molly! That pumpkin looks wonderful-also very helpful for cats’ occasional “irregularity”.

  3. Emily (the other one)

    A giant orange pie for a giant orange cat! Truly, this is a tribute fit for a king.

    The only thing more fitting might have been a pie filled with the four and twenty blackbirds of nursery rhyme lore… but who needs all the calories? : )

    Best wishes to Jeff and his humble staff this holiday weekend,

  4. Adam

    That’s one serious chunk o’ pie…

  5. Emily

    The pumpkin shortage suddenly makes so much sense!



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