During Thanksgiving dinner and its aftermath Jeff paced the kitchen impatiently, repeatedly threatening to jump up onto the dish-laden counter. After Staff picked over the turkey and stored away the leftovers, Jeff was granted a few minutes alone with the carcass.

Jeff vs. turkey

It was love at first sight.

Jeff vs. turkey


  1. Kat

    Why am I having flashbacks to those Animal Planet speicals about lion kills?

  2. Angela

    We all give thanks for Jeff.

  3. Patrick

    El Jefe’s going to town on the carcass all right, looks like he’s just fine with not actually killing it himself!

  4. Emily (the other one)

    Jeff looks like a good kisser! ; )

  5. Thunder

    I wonder if cats get sleepy after eating turkey like people do?

  6. Koofray

    Jeff looks like he still knows his way around the old carcass.



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