Staff prepared a nice salad of butter lettuce, carrots, and home-grown tomatoes.

Jeff vs. salad

It turns out that Jeff enjoys butter lettuce.


  1. Angela

    Why does staff bother with cat food? Just set a place at the table for the noble one.

  2. Secret Admirer

    A cat who eats lettuce/ Now I really have seen everything. Jeff is a true omnivore.

  3. Koofray

    Variety is the spice of life and stuff.

  4. Jean

    Butter lettuce! Really Jeff? Tell me this is just a trick to get all those delicious little furry creatures to think you are harmless right? So you go out and graze in the yard next to your little vegetarian “friends” and then BAM! jaws of death.

  5. Stephen

    My previous cat used to eat beansprouts and mushrooms. (Potatoes, though, he thought were balls to be fished out of the pan and patted around the house.) Generally, with cats, if you aren’t supposed to eat it, it tastes better. Food in your own bowl is frequently poisonous.

  6. jw

    uh, jeff? that isn’t food. that is the stuff that food eats.

  7. Emily (the other one)

    He is a nomnivore. NOM NOM NOM!

  8. Adam

    LOL jw

  9. Carrie

    That cat does nothing but amaze me!

  10. estorbo


    I mos’ sen’ you sorm abocado to ead weeth thad.

  11. Micah Asher

    Happy, Happy Christmas and Holidays to Jeff, Rita, Norman, the dog, and staff!

  12. Minnie

    Hi. My cat goes crazy for lettuce! I will take it out and wash it and she jumps on the counter for it. She usually pays no interest with what we ‘re eating and NEVER jumps on the counter. I’ve done the cucumber thing on my eyes and I’ll put them aside and she’ll eat one. She also likes carrots. How Bizarre! I’m glad she’s not alone. Jeff is Cool. I’m glad to find his story.



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