Jeff received a Christmas package from a superfan in the UK, Ryan. Staff put it aside for Christmas day.

Jeff vs. Christmas

And then it was Christmas day.

Jeff vs. Christmas

Jeff was interested. Very interested.

Jeff vs. Christmas

There were two kinds of treats.

Jeff vs. Christmas

Jeff sampled and approved both.

Jeff vs. Christmas

Staff saved the canned food for Jeff’s Christmas dinner.

Jeff vs. Christmas

Then we came to Speedy Mouse.

Jeff vs. Christmas

Speedy Mouse was also approved. Approved and chased around the table.

Jeff vs. Christmas

Ryan also enclosed a hand-drawn rendering of Jeff in the towel closet. Staff took the liberty of approving this.

Jeff vs. Christmas

All in all it was a lovely Christmas. Jeff even enjoyed the airmail bag.

Jeff vs. Christmas


  1. Emily

    This is my favorite post ever. Ryan, this was awesome! How wonderful that Jeff was in the spirit to approve of so many goodies just in time for the after-Christmas sales!

  2. Patrick

    El Jefe seems fully aware that receiving tributes from across the globe is to be expected…how many other cats can claim to have sampled international cuisine like he has?! Hilarious. Way to go, Ryan!

  3. jw

    very cool Ryan.

  4. Finlay

    Best wishes all!

  5. Emily (the other one)

    Happy holidays to Jeff and the staff! Ryan, you are a very gifted artist.

    -Emily, age 36 1/2

  6. estorbo

    Superfans are the besd, hermano! The Wooman complans thad I ged more mail than she does!

    Feliz Ano Nuevo!

  7. evil cat

    hmph! better than what I got for Christmas.

  8. 'Kaika

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Jeff! You sure scored big for the holiday! Ryan is very talented.

  9. Thunder

    Jeff had a good haul this year! Hope that he and all his housemates had a Merry Christmas.

  10. Koofray

    Jeff got to have foreign food, thats cool!

  11. Serena

    Ryan is awesome!!

  12. Jen

    Very cool present and great sketch of El Jefe!

    Hope Jefe and staff are keeping dry and safe in those storms!

  13. Nancy

    How cool that Jeff has friends all over the world! We would love to see him on Catster! Good to know he’s living the good life inside and has adjusted so well to it.



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