Recently Jeff spends a considerable amount of time in Staff’s his bed.

Sometimes he shares with friends.

Jeff and friends

Sometimes he finds himself all alone –

Jeff and friends

And does not care.

Jeff and friends

Sometimes he has a friend and doesn’t even know it.

Jeff and friends

Jeff and friends


  1. Frankie

    I love Norman!

  2. Evil Cat

    Yay! Jeff’s back! we missed you, dude cat.

    PS where does Staff sleep when the animals are in the bed?

  3. Patrick

    Normie! Love his expression in that last photo, I think he’s about laser Staff to ashes for exposing his hiding spot…

  4. Emily (the other one)

    I love it when a cat yawns! It’s so cute how the ears go flat and eyes slant upward and the whiskers swoop out like the wings of a bird in flight.

    I can never grab my camera fast enough when I see my own cat yawning, so it brings me great joy to know that someone else was able to capture this very special sleepy-time moment!

  5. Patrick

    Speaking of cats yawning, has El Jefe & Staff seen this?

  6. Carrie

    Love Jeff & Co….been lurking since early days. Keep it coming…

  7. Finlay


  8. Thunder

    Nice to see all of the housemates in one set. Jeff looks thinner and in great shape.

  9. Koofray

    Triple cats = no rats lol

  10. Adam

    LOL @ 2nd pic

    Jeff: “Huh? Wuzzat?…”

  11. Micah Asher

    Glad you all survived the rains, and the seeping windows. Norman’s lazer eyes are quite the sight. The Big Bobcat lets his furry underbelly show-and what a lovely sight!

    It’s almost Furminator time

  12. Emily

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now – that poor dog!

    Normie FTW!



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