Once upon a time there was a beautiful cupcake. It was tasty red velvet cake with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting.

Jeff and cupcake

Staff was about to enjoy their luscious cupcake when suddenly – the Bobcat Monster appeared! Clearly he had caught the scent of cream cheese.

Jeff and cupcake

And then there was licking.

Jeff and cupcake

The end.


  1. Emily (the other one)

    Hey, you forgot to say “And Jeff lived happily ever after.’ ; )

  2. jw

    is jeff ok? there seem to be leftovers.

  3. Micah Asher

    No question of it being too hot, or too cold-it was Just Right.

    Or should I say, Jeff Right???

    Hope staff got a little taste.

  4. Koofray

    He feasted!

  5. Patrick

    Hmmm, El Jefe doesn’t look too satisfied. Perhaps if it were a meat cupcake?

  6. Jane

    I do hope that Jeff was allowed to finish that cupcake without the intrusion of the lens. Frankly I am shocked that Staff had the audacity to try and eat a cupcake.

    Cupcakes are for Jeff
    As is everything else.



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