The cats love nothing more than a freshly made bed.

Jeff and the Norman bed lump

Note: the lump is not a pillow.


  1. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

    Oh, hi, sorry to interupt yoor helping wif da bedmaking…we know how importint it is to help wif dat! Our mom couldn’t hardly make da bed wifout us helping.

  2. Thunder

    That’s true of all cats. Make their bed and they quickly arrive to inspect the staff’s work.

  3. Katnip Lounge

    NOTHING is better than fresh bedding…well, maybe food…

  4. Micah Asher

    I LOVE Norman! He’s almost like Maris, on Frasier–except I’m very happy Jeff’s viewing public have been introduced to him.

    Rita and Jeff are keeping their distance from each other-although Norman seems to be in Jeff’s backyard, so to speak.

    So glad you are all back!

  5. Emily (the other one)

    LOL, the cats look like they’re waiting for room service trays to be brought to their hotel room. : )

  6. Patrick

    Great group photo! Seems Normie may be sponging heat off of El Jefe without him knowing it 😀

  7. Koofray

    They want to re-musk the sheets probly.

  8. Estorbo loco

    Cads also lorb dordy laundree, yes?

    Staff reply: in this house they love CLEAN laundry.



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