Jeff made a cozy nest in the dog’s bed.

Hand over face?

Jeff's nest


Feets under covers?

Jeff's nest


Dog never having use of her own bed?

Super check.


  1. Katnip Lounge

    Ornj cats rule, dogs drool.

  2. Micah Asher

    “when the blue of the nest meets the orange of the cat, someone waits for you” (apologies to Bing Crosby); Jeff looks exquisitely comfortable. And the blue sets off his fur nicely.

  3. Anonymous

    Poor sweet Hazel! Banished to the cold, hard floor!

    Staff reply: Oh, no no. Hazel takes over Staff’s bed and Staff is banished.

  4. Adam

    Looks like Jeff killed a Snuggie. Partial credit for

  5. Emily (the other one)

    OMG, Jeff killed Linus and stole his blue blanket! : )

  6. Jane

    I would hope that Staff made no noise when taking these pictures and Jeff was able to continue his sweet dreams of mouse murder, unhindered.



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