Furniture rearranging unintentionally created a bobcat tower.

Jeff's tower

The tower makes a nice bed.

Jeff's tower

And it has a nice view.

Jeff's tower

When you have such a nice tower, you must guard it at all times.

Jeff's tower

Otherwise you’re at risk for a hostile takeover.

Jeff's tower

And sometimes your enemy will add insult to injury by looking down upon you from the top of the tower they stole – and blowing a raspberry.

Jeff's tower


  1. Ryan

    A swift lick of the nose is a much more hostile gesture than blowing a raspberry in cat etiquette!

  2. Katnip Lounge

    We have no doubt the the Mighty Jeff will triumph on the Tower. He’s probably letting his sister have it to later increase the jealousy factor when he settles in, once again.

  3. Emily (the other one)

    As much as I love Jeff, I feel I should root for the underdog (or, in this case, the undercat). Rita, you rock my world!

  4. D

    ahahahahahaha. more rita PLEASE!

  5. Adam

    That cat bed is Jeff’s “skinny jeans”…

  6. Jane

    I think Jeff knows that despite being King of his world, the reality, as in the world of apes is, that the females are the ones in charge.

    Nice tongue Rita.



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