Staff removed some large branches from Jeff’s climbing tree and cut them up to fit in the green bin.

Green bin

Jeff supposed he must follow and supervise.

Jeff inspects

Inspector Jeff inspected.

Jeff inspects

Inspector Jeff analyzed.

Jeff inspects

Ultimately, Inspector Jeff approved.

Jeff inspects


  1. Jane

    Nice work Jeff, you must be exhausted, I’d have a nice sleep if I was you, oh! you are having a nice sleep.


  2. Patrick

    It’s great that El Jefe still enjoys rolling around in the grass and dirt, despite his luxurious indoor facilities. Too bad he didn’t spot any gophers to shred.

  3. Adam

    @ Jane: A snoring cat is one of life’s simple pleasures.
    @ Patrick: I agree! I need Jeffy the Terrible to shred something!

  4. Katnip Lounge

    Inspecting is exhausting work. We are glad Staff’s efforts passed muster.

  5. Emily (the other one)

    Maybe Jeff could shred some of the twigs and leaves just for old times’ sake. Or a gopher-shaped pinata filled with catnip?

  6. Micah Asher

    Now he needs a good session with the Furminator. It’s important for Jeff to keep up his appearance.

    Staff did a good job-Jeff seems to approve. At least, he’s sleeping on it.

  7. Finlay

    Simply put, Jeff RULES!



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