Staff got a new grill.

Staff made beer can chicken.

Beer can chicken

Jeff very much wanted the beer can chicken.

Jeff’s wanting eyes almost burned holes right through Staff.

Jeff vs. Beer can chicken

Unsurprisingly, Jeff received beer can chicken.

Jeff vs. Beer can chicken


  1. Ryan

    What a moist looking bird! Has Jeff been watching the USA in the world cup?

  2. Jane

    There would have been an internet riot if Jeff had not been served “his” Beer Can Chicken. I just hope that Staff gave him enough and were grateful for any of his leftovers.

  3. Angela

    I guess Beer can chicken is Jeff approved?

  4. Katnip Lounge

    We sincerely hope Jeff had first choice of beer can chicken parts.

  5. Emily (the other one)

    Wow, that second photo captures the spirit of desire like nothing else!

  6. Estorbo

    Por how larng deed Staff coogh the cheecken. Eed looghs muy rico. The Wooman wan’s to know. Then I can ged a weeng.

  7. Tilman

    I wonder if the printing paint on the can is healthy for humans :-(



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